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Top 5 Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Christmas Season
As the festive season has already started and its just one week for Christmas, many would have started to plan about their Christmas decor, gifts, feast, etc. As we enter into a celebration mood, its equally important to look after our pets health too.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) have urged people to keep their pets safe and away from potential hazards that can harm them.

A survey has been conducted by the BVA to know about the major hazards that harm pets during Christmas season. They found that most pets were taken to the vets for chocolate poisoning, swallowing antifreeze and eating Christmas decorations.

BVA president Sean Wensley said, "Many pet owners are aware of the risks of chocolate poisoning to their pets but it's easy to accidentally leave something tempting lying around. Our results are a cautionary tale about the range of potential hazards around your home at this time of year and owners should be very aware that tasty treats, interesting decorations and new plants can be hard for curious animals to resist."

BVA has now given animal owners five top tips to ensure the Christmas period is enjoyable for both pets and humans alike.

  • Keep Pets Away from Toxic Foods: Common treats purchased during Christmas are actually harmful to animals. Keep pets away from foods such as nuts, grapes, xylitol which is found in sugar-free products, liquorice, holly and mistletoe as they are toxic to animals.
  • Keep Christmas Decorations Out of Reach: Most of us buy decorations to adorn the Christmas tree. Ensure you place your tree on a table or desk so that pets can't reach it. Batteries and small decorations should not be put on the floor as there are chances for pets to eat it. Chemicals in decorations and batteries can cause unnecessary reactions or they may choke pets.
  • Don't Put Pets on a Festive Treat: Always follow the same diet for pets. Don't feed them a high-calorie diet or leftovers from your lavish Christmas meal. It can cause indigestion and stomach pain for your pets.
  • Treat Pets with a Walk or Toys: Take your dog or cat for a walk on the eve of Christmas to make them as a part of the celebration. Give them some big play toys instead of Christmas treats.
  • Visit a Vet During Emergency: If your pet swallows something or feels uncomfortable after a meal always take them to a vet immediately, Ensure you know the contacts of vets in your locality. Never ignore the suffering of animals.

  • Source: Medindia

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