by Medindia Content Team on  October 12, 2007 at 9:14 PM Child Health News
Pushy parents are responsible for fuelling stress levels among children by drilling them to pass school tests, says a study.

Middle-class parents admit that they are 'partly responsible' for the trend of high-stakes exams by paying for coaching fees in order to get their children admitted to private schools.

In a study conducted by the Cambridge University, it was found that the exams taken at the age of seven and 11 had caused anxiety among children and distorted the curriculum, reports Telegraph.

The study also claimed that outside school the life was 'insecure and in many areas dangerous' as concerns grow over family breakdown, resulting in a rise in gun and knife crime, materialism and the cult of celebrity.

The study interviewed 750 children, parents, teachers and governors as part of two-year study.

The analysis revealed that the children interviewed admitted that they felt anxious about national tests.

While some students in affluent areas confessed that doing well was important to "get us into private schools".

"Today's children, it was generally felt, are being forced to grow up too soon, and the prospects for the society and world they will inherit look increasingly perilous," an interim report stated

Source: ANI

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