by Tanya Thomas on  September 14, 2009 at 11:26 AM Lifestyle News
 To Look Beautiful, Turn On the Charm With a Less Attractive Friend
On the lookout for a partner? Well, the next time you hit the party circles, take a less attractive friend along with you. Researchers say that your chances of finding a If you're having trouble finding a partner are higher that way.

According to scientists in the UK, people's opinions are often based on the company others keep, and if one member is less attractive, then the next person automatically looks more appealing.

"You get a bit of a contrast effect when you stand beside someone of the same sex. If your friend is unattractive that makes you relatively more attractive," the Herald Sun quoted Stirling University psychologist Dr Anthony Little as telling the Daily Mail.

Some other pick-up tips include being surrounded with members of the opposite sex.

He told the British Science Festival: "If you were just looking at Hugh Hefner's physical attractiveness you might not be that impressed with him.

"But as soon as you see him with beautiful women you might infer other traits, for instance, you might infer he is a multi-millionaire or charming or witty. He somehow becomes more attractive."

Source: ANI

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