by Rathi Manohar on  July 25, 2010 at 12:17 PM Lifestyle News
Thousands of Pounds Spent on a Lifetime of Diets by British Women
British women, obsessed with their weight, spend 25,233 pounds on a lifetime of diets, with an average of dieting three times a year.

According to a study by Engage Mutual Assurance, on each occasion they shell out 180.81 pounds for gym fees, fitness magazines, slimming clubs and exercise clothes.

Empowering Better Health

Each diet lasts 19 days, with chocolate, crisps and wine being the most common breakers.

"Sticking to a restricted diet for any length of time is extremely difficult, which is why it is better to introduce a more realistic routine involving regular exercise and healthy eating," the Daily Star quoted Tina Clare, spokeswoman for Engage, as saying.

During the average 19-day diet, women spend 6.06 pounds on health and fitness books and magazines, and a further 10.86 pounds on joining specialist slimming clubs.

Gym membership accounts for 18.90 pounds while 18.98 pounds is spent on exercise equipment for the home, and another 36.38 pounds towards new exercise clothes and trainers.

The bill for regular supermarket shopping also soars to around 70.56 pounds as women spend an extra 43.16 pounds on food and 27.41 pounds on branded slimming foods.

"We all succumb to temptation at one time or another, but following a balanced diet and enjoying regular exercise is a good start for those seeking a healthier lifestyle or wanting to feel happier about their weight," Clare added.

Source: ANI

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