Thousands Attend Stress Busting Workshop In Srinagar

by Aruna on Oct 13 2009 7:55 AM

Reports say that world-renowned Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF), also known as 'doctors without borders', has come forward to help reduce stress among residents of Srinagar through a workshop.

The workshop has been organized in collaboration with the Directorate of Health, Jammu and Kashmir Government as part of the weeklong celebrations for 'World Mental Health Day'.

Pieces of art and poetry works by pupils from various schools and universities based on the theme of 'dealing with challenges of one's life' were exhibited at the workshop.

Movies were also screened to relax those under stress.

"Firstly, the people must know what depression is. Most of the people have been suffering under stress and depression, but are not aware of it. I thank the MSF to have organized this workshop for us. People need to know that they need counseling," said Suhail, a college student.

Thousands of people attended the workshop where they were relaxed and rejuvenated with the help of counselors and doctors.

"This program has been organized to release them from their mental agonies. Apart from that our staff educates the people about their mental health issues, the problems related to them and their solutions," said Dr. Basharat Bandey, doctor and member of the MSF.

He added that they are here to reduce the stigma related to mental health issues.