This is How Lindsay Lohan Could Have Deceived Her Alcohol Bracelet

by VR Sreeraman on Jul 28 2007 2:19 PM

This is How Lindsay Lohan Could Have Deceived Her Alcohol Bracelet
It seems it would have not been difficult for actress Lindsay Lohan to hoodwink her alcohol monitoring SCRAM tag.
SCRAM unit (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) ascertains alcohol levels in a person’s sweat and sends the result to the designated person, which in Lohan’s case is her lawyer.

Probation officers have revealed that it is child’s play to fool the accessory, for even ice bath or ‘baloney can do the trick’.

“The ice bath prevents you from sweating, so there's nothing to record, and it doesn't activate a tamper alarm, either," New York Daily News quoted an officer, as saying.

"This is much less effective. It more often than not interferes with the hourly readings the device takes, and we notice when we get the daily report and would definitely contact you.. And it must smell pretty bad when you cram baloney in there," another officer said

Also, if the SCRAM wearer is not near the modem for two to three days, the person manages to get way without getting alcohol levels checked.

“It has a two- or three-day capacity to store data,” an officer said.

“Court-ordered offenders usually have to stay close to home because we'll pick you up after the first day we don't get any readings from you," a probation officer said.

The alcohol tag wearers are also required to spend 10 minutes a day within 20 feet of the modem at the same time everyday and it is unknown if Lohan conformed to this rule.


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