This is a Sure Shot Wake-up Alarm for All Those Heavy Sleepers

by Savitha C Muppala on Feb 23 2012 8:40 PM

 This is a Sure Shot Wake-up Alarm for All Those Heavy Sleepers
A novel alarm clock promises to wake up even the heaviest sleepers.
The Ramos Alarm Clock, designed by Paul Sammut, is so stubborn that it won't turn off until the slumbering victim physically leave bed and enter a PIN code into a wireless panel to silence the buzzer.

If you are thinking that you can merely fly out of bed, hit any old number, and retreat back under the warm covers, then you are wrong.

The PIN code has to be entered correctly - and, in a custom version, could be programmed so that the code had to be entered a number of times - or the buzzer will merrily continue to wake up the entire house, the Daily mail reported.

The unusual clock comes in three models: a standard desk-top LED Ramos (100 pounds) in sustainably-harvested birch box; a vertically mounted teak clock with USSR-style nixie tubes for around 200 pounds; and the custom-made version (to your own warped specifications) starting at around 500 pounds.

Each version is wirelessly paired with a 'defuse panel', powered by a 9-volt battery and featuring a 12-digit push-button keypad.

Each morning, the sleepy customer will be asked to enter the day's date into the keypad.

The clocks can also be programmed to flash up an ever-changing four-digit code on the LED - forcing the foggy brain to work harder and subsequently get into gear quicker.

A long-range version of the clocks mean that the panel can be placed 100ft away.

Sammut has even found a solution to those who habitually wake up before their alarm goes off, and change the alarm time for a longer lie in.

The Ramos can be programmed to feature a lock-down mode, where the clock will no longer permit any alteration to the alarm settings 30 minutes before the pre-set time - unless its owner types in a code at the defuse panel.