by Rathi Manohar on  March 28, 2011 at 10:54 PM Lifestyle News
 The Worth of Mothers
Mothers put in an amount of work that equals £30,000 a year, discloses a survey taken up by leading finance company Legal & General.

This interesting research reveals the amazing amount of work done by mothers and the more-than-amazing amount of money it is worth.

Even at a minimum wage of £5.93, with 14 hours a day of cooking, cleaning, and childcare, it totals up to £30,373.20 a year.

The multitasking that mothers do covers an incredible range of activities. Looking after kids,  cooking and cleaning,  driving, shopping, gardening, laundry, chores, ironing, washing-up, counseling, sports coach, homework helper, first aider, stylist, story teller, sewing, serving snacks, answering phones, tidying-up - all these jobs amount to 98.5 hours of work in a week, worth £548.52.

When grandmothers are involved in looking after the home and children, their work saves a combined £33billion a year.   Interestingly, fathers' work is worth only £21,306 a year.  

With increasing inflation, that is impacting the raising of children, what mothers are worth becomes all the more valuable. And yet, their own personal expenditure is strikingly minimal. Another study discloses that a quarter of mothers wear the same five to 10 items of clothing day after day, 25 per cent only ever wear 5 per cent of their wardrobe and 25 per cent wear pajamas all day long.

This raises the question - can a mother's value ever be calculated? 


Source: Medindia

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