The Way to a Woman’s Heart may Just Begin With a Deep Voice

by Savitha C Muppala on Dec 3 2008 5:36 PM

How often have women gushed over the ‘sexy’ voice of a man and felt their heart flutter?

From time immemorial, the fair sex have always given those men with deep voices a second look!

The reason for this is best explained by a recent study conducted by Dr Coren Apicella, an anthropologist of Harvard University, and Dr David Feinberg, a psychologist of McMaster University, Ontario.

Their study suggested that men with deep voices conveyed vitality, good health and better genes to women, which perhaps enhanced male attractiveness. It also implied a sense of power, which women found extremely alluring.

Women also attributed deep voices to strength, which gave them a sense of protection. This preference by women was more pronounced during their fertile phase, a time when deep voiced men certainly have an edge over their ‘squeaky’ counterparts. 

On the contrary, breast feeding women and those with reduced fertility preferred men with ‘squeaky’ or even feminine voices.  

Men showed preference for women with high pitched voices that made them appear delicate, feminine, younger and perhaps a bit submissive as well.

A particular tribe from Africa which still believed in the concept of hunting and gathering was chosen for the study. A recording of high and low variations of the same voice was played to the group and they had to indicate their preference.

Men appeared to prefer women with a feminine voice for best mates, although for gathering they preferred women with a masculine voice.

Those men with masculine voices were preferred by women as good mates as well as for hunting. Only those who were breast feeding seemed to prefer feminine voiced men. 

The researchers concluded: "Voice pitch may be an indicator of underlying mate quality. Vocal attractiveness is correlated with body and facial attractiveness."