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 The Reason Behind Why Being A Female Just Doesn't Pay
It has been revealed that there is a gender wage gap of 17.4 percent across all sectors with an average full-time weekly wage of 1186.90 dollars for women and 1437.40 dollars for men.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as of February 2012, when you break it down by industry the results are considerably worse, the Age reported.

Women working in the healthcare sector can expect to earn 32.6 percent less than men, with finance coming a close second at 31.3 percent.

On the other end of the spectrum the retail sector offers the lowest percentage at 7.9, with public administration right behind it at 8 percent.hatever the rate, the trend shows no sign of abating. Though it dipped as low as 14.9 percent in 2004, the gap is wider now than it was 10 years ago and looks set to continue.

It's a common experience shared by women across the globe.

Date recently released by US firm PayScale showed that women earn substantially less than their male counterparts after graduation - a median of US 31,900 dollars for recent university graduates compared with US 40,800 dollars for males.

By the age of 39, women's earning capacity has peaked with most sitting at around US 60,000 dollars.

Men, however, peak almost a decade later at 48, with an average salary of US 95,000 dollars. But the question remains: Why?

Accountant Julie Chuck believes the inequality is generational and many women weren't taught to be assertive in the workplace, adding that this reluctance to speak up eventually gives way to apathy.

Suzi Finkelstein, executive convener of Women and Leadership Australia at the Australian School of Applied Management, says disproportionate salaries are an institutional problem, deeply entrenched in the workplace culture of many industries.

Limited opportunities for promotion and subsequent wage disparity are also prevalent in industries traditionally associated with women.

Source: ANI

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