by Tanya Thomas on  August 24, 2010 at 10:56 AM Lifestyle News
 The Most Allergic Woman in Britain Can't Stand, Among Other Things, Money and Rain
While most people have one or two allergies in their lifetime, a woman in Britain is said to be suffering from allergic reaction to almost everything and anything. Including rain.

Yvonne Simon, 33, who has become the most allergic woman in Britain, began getting allergic reactions when she was eight, and as she got older the reactions got worse.

Simon, who has a daughter, Cherish, seven, breaks out in a rash and her glands swell up just eating almost every food and touching money.

She is even allergic to minerals found in bottled sparkling spring water, and she survives on a bland diet of filtered water, lentils, brown rice, carrots, apples and plantain.

She carries an umbrella at all times in case it rains and wears cotton gloves when handling money or newspapers and books.

"I hate being this way and would love to live a normal life. I wish there was an expert who could help me," the Sun quoted Simon, of Purfleet, Essex, as saying.

Doctors have said they have never seen such a range of allergies in a single person.

The tests revealed that her allergies include deodorant, perfume, paint, fizzy drinks, minerals in bottled spring water, chocolate, onions, car fumes, hydrocortisone cream, nuts, bleach, fish, tea, coffee, oranges, tomatoes, latex, talc, newsprint dye, coins, banknotes, pasta, sunflower oil, dairy products, wheat, bread products, white rice, porridge, white sugar, sweets, cigarette smoke, nickel, gold, silver, food colourings, sulphates, calcium chloride and rainwater.

Source: ANI

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