The Approaching Ice Age

by Savitha C Muppala on Apr 17 2013 9:30 AM

 The Approaching Ice Age
An eminent scientist has revealed that the world could just be heading for another Ice Age.
Incredibly, British Summer Time officially starts Saturday but millions of brassed off Brits pining for warmth will have to endure freezing temperatures and biting winds until May.

The misery will continue with daytime temperatures struggling to reach a bracing 5C (41F). The only ray of sunshine, forecasters said, is that it will stay dry.

As if the outlook wasn't bleak enough already, meteorologists believe the shivering start to 2013 has been the coldest in more than 200 years.

More worryingly, the combination of sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow experienced across much of the country recently could be the prelude to a new Ice Age that will begin next year and last for 200 years, the Daily Express reported.

Russian scientist Dr Habibullo Abdussamatov, of the St Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, painted the Doomsday scenario saying the recent inclement weather simply proved we were heading towards a frozen planet.

Dr Abdussamatov believes Earth was on an "unavoidable advance towards a deep temperature drop".

The last big freeze, known as the Little Ice Age, was between 1650 and 1850.

"The last global decrease of temperature (the most cold phase of the Little Ice Age) was observed in Europe, North America and Greenland," he said.

"All channels in the Netherlands were frozen, glaciers were on the advance in Greenland and people were forced to leave their settlements, inhabited for several centuries."

"The Thames river in London and Seine in Paris were frozen over every year. Humanity has always been prospering during the warm periods and suffering during the cold ones. The climate has never been and will never be stable," he added.

The miserable weather since the turn of the year has been blamed on two episodes of high pressure.

A poorly positioned jet stream means ice cold temperatures and the continuing risk of snow showers across the north and east.

Almost all of the UK can expect a continuation of night frost, which will turn severe at times.

April is forecast to be a drier than average month in the north and east, slightly wetter to the south and west but it is expected to be one of the oldest on record.