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Texas: A Big Market for Birth Control Apps

by Hannah Joy on Mar 26 2018 7:56 PM

Oral contraceptive pills or birth control pills can now be purchased through an app called Nurx without seeing a doctor in person.

NURX, a San Francisco-based company provides various types of hormonal contraception without visiting a doctor or any other healthcare provider.

Currently, the app NURX is available in 18 states and is most popular in Texas. Using NURX app can be more private, affordable and less time-consuming.

Nearly 20 million women in Texas live in so-called "contraceptive deserts," where public clinics are not available to meet the needs of the county's population.

The process is very simple. First, the users need to log in to the app and fill out a questionnaire. 

Later, a clinician like Horowitz reviews the answers and suggests as to what type of hormonal contraception is best for the individual.

A pill, a ring, and a patch are available, as well as emergency contraception. In case the patient any queries about the product they can send a message or call to chat with the provider. 

NURX then sends a prescription to a pharmacy. Later, the drugs are mailed out via priority mail or faster for emergency contraception.

The cost of a month's supply is often free if the patient has health insurance. Otherwise, the price starts at $15 out-of-pocket for a month's supply, depending on the brand.

Texas is one of two states, and the other is Indiana, where minors cannot buy prescription birth control through NURX, due to laws restricting minors' access to contraception.