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 Tesco's 'condom Error' Almost Ruined a Relationship
A Brit woman has accused Tesco for almost ruining her four-year-old relationship with her boyfriend after her account mistakenly included condoms in her online shopping list.

Lynn Newby, 40, was almost at verge of calling it quits with her boyfriend, Andy Allott, 29, after discovering that one of the Favourites was a packet of 12 condoms.

Newby accused Allott of buying them and having an affair behind her back.

She even threatened to cancel a holiday to Mexico because she refused to accept that he was innocent.

"I couldn't believe what I saw when I logged onto my Tesco account. It gives a list of everything bought on a club card and there at the top of the list was a packet of Mates condoms," Telegraph quoted her, as saying.

"I knew I hadn't bought them so I went in and accused Andy, who had not idea what I was talking about," she added.

When Tesco investigated the matter Newby was sent a letter of apology from Chief Executive Sir Terry Leahy - and a cheque for 100 pounds.

Sir Terry told Lynn that he could appreciate how distressing it had been for her and an investigation had revealed that the problem was caused by a new member of staff in the marketing department.

The new staff member had added the condoms as a "special promotion" to customers on line favourites but it had not shown up as a promotional item.

"This error was completely unacceptable," added Sir Terry and staff are being given further training " as a matter of urgency" to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Newby said: "Things are fine now and we can laugh about it but I just wonder how many other people had to deal with this mistake which could have cost me my four year long relationship."

Source: ANI

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