by Kathy Jones on  August 10, 2014 at 4:15 PM News on IT in Healthcare
 Technology Boost: Mobile Apps Help Doctors Treat Patients Using Smartphones
Medical apps on mobile phones allow doctors to diagnose their patients through text messages or video-chat on smartphones.

One of the most downloaded apps, HealthTap, was best known for its question-and-answer website, where users can ask a pool of thousands of doctors medical questions and for 99 dollars a month, users could also video chat with doctors, CBS News reported.

Holly Phillips said that even though the doctor would see people, or they could upload photos, one thing they were missing was in medicine what they call the laying on of hands, a physical exam, and an authentic interaction between people; that has been shown to be the most effective diagnostic tool we have.

It's still better to see your doctor in their office, however, this would be safe for people who don't have multiple complications; people who have pinkeye or sore throat.

One million people had virtual appointments in the past year.

Source: ANI

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