Teachers Told Not to Use Red Pens While Correcting Pupils' Copies

by Savitha C Muppala on Dec 5 2008 6:12 PM

Teachers in Australia have been told to stop using red pen to mark school children's work as it was thought to be aggressive.

Queensland's Deputy Opposition Leader Mark McArdle told parliament today that teachers were being advised to reconsider their pen choice because it may offend children.

McArdle then tabled a Queensland Health document proposing "strategies for addressing mental health well-being in any classroom".

McArdle stated that the government should be concentrating on other needful issues rather than asking the teachers to get rid of red pen and use a different color for marking students.

"Given your 10-year-old Labor government presides over the lowest numeracy and literacy standards of any state in Australia, don't you think it's time we focused on classroom outcomes rather than these kooky, loony, loopy, lefty policies?" quoted McArdle, as saying.