'Tea Task Force' to Check Water Wastage at Work Set Up by Brit Firms

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 5 2008 8:42 PM

A Government body in the UK is urging firms to appoint tea monitors so as to ensure that people do not waste water.

Envirowise, funded by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, suggests that firms use teapots instead of making individual cups of tea, and try to re-introduce tea urns to the workplace.

The agency is of the opinion that such a step could cut greenhouse gas emissions, and thereby help business houses save money.

Envirowise reckons that more than 30 billion cups of water are unnecessarily boiled each year.

Appoint a tea task force or tea monitor to make sure all your office hot drink-making facilities are as efficient as they could be. Only boil the water you use - this will avoid water and energy being wasted, the Telegraph quoted it as telling businesses in a statement.

The statement further stressed the need for re-introducing the use of teapots, suggesting that it allows you to measure the correct amount of water you will need, and often tastes nicer than making tea in the cup.

Envirowise Director Mary Leonard said that the advice could serve as a resource-saving initiative for both small and big companies.

Critics and politicians, however, see this advice as useless.

Susie Squires of the Taxpayers' Alliance said: This is yet another example of a taxpayer-funded quango doling out useless advice. People are sick of these quangocrats wasting our time and money.

The Conservative environment spokesman Peter Ainsworth said: You might have thought that in the current economic environment the Government would have higher priorities than appointing tea monitors.