'TatTap' Will Help You Connect to Your Partner Tap Using Vibrations Via A Wristband

by Rukmani Krishna on Nov 20 2013 11:52 PM

 `TatTap` Will Help You Connect to Your Partner Tap Using Vibrations Via A Wristband
A new hi-tech wristband, lets user communicate with a simple tap on the device, triggering vibrations on the other person's wrist. The device is meant especially for those in a relationship.
The device called TapTap by Woodenshark is a screen-less band that rests on the users' wrists and work with Android smartphones with Bluetooth 2.1 and above as well as with iPhone4S and later.

According to Mashable, a pair of the wristband costs 130 dollars and functions when its app is downloaded and connected to the wearers' email accounts.

The wristband, made of silicon, consists of a plastic module, a capacitive sensor and an accelerometer that senses the taps.

One charge can run up to seven days, and the LED lights alerts the user if the battery is running low or of any missed taps.

Founder of Woodenshark, Dmitry Gorilovsky said that although the wristband primarily focuses on people in a romantic relationship, people have already proposed other uses, like creating their own language based on taps.

The report said that the team at Woodenshark is also working on configuring the TapTap to work with smart alarms and game controllers by using different apps on the smartphone.

The TapTap wristband comes in variety of patterns and users can the look by simply taking out the module out of one wristband and placing it into another, the report added.