Swine Flu May Spread in South India by Travelers

by Julia Samuel on Feb 4 2015 1:09 PM

Swine Flu May Spread in South India by Travelers
The health officials are alerted for swine flu in Madurai, TamilNadu as four persons, including two women, are undergoing treatment for swine flu in a city hospital.
Among the four patients, one is a Denmark national while two are from Dindigul and one belongs to Ramanathapuram.

The travel history of four patients and their family members is being verified and health officials in their respective districts take preventive steps.

The four persons were admitted in the isolation ward of Apollo Speciality Hospitals after they tested positive for H1N1 influenza.

District Collector, L.Subramanian, said, “I am following up their health condition. Though they are from outside Madurai, we are taking all precautions to ensure that swine flu does not spread to others in the district.”

“All fever cases must be immediately reported to primary health centres, government hospitals and health officials. There is a stock of 6,000 tamiflu tablets for adults and children,” he said.

Rohini Sridhar, Director of Medical Services, Apollo Speciality Hospitals, said that the condition of four swine flu patients was now stable. “We are concerned particularly about the 67-year-old Denmark national due to his age factor,” she added.

The spread of swine flu to southern India is by the infected individuals in the north or elsewhere. Precaution should be ensured before their journey to other regions as it initiates the spread of the infection.


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