Suven, US University Jointly to Develop Inexpensive HIV Drug

Suven, US University Jointly to Develop Inexpensive HIV Drug
Suven Life Sciences Ltd, a Hyderabad-based life sciences company, has entered into collaboration with the University of Minnesota in the US to develop new and inexpensive therapies to treat HIV-1.
The collaboration also includes the US-based Center for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Translational Research (CIDMTR).

The partnership is aimed at cooperation in a research and test programme to explore clinical efficacy of certain naturally occurring substances that are believed to have therapeutic value for HIV-1, and to make them available to patients, said a statement by Suven here.

HIV is a retrovirus that can lead to AIDS. It is estimated that 0.6 percent of global population is infected with HIV, mainly in Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

Currently, antiretroviral therapy is not only costly but also inaccessible in many parts of the world.

"Additional therapies to treat HIV-1 cost effectively is the need of the hour," said Venkat Jasti, CEO of Suven Life Sciences.

Phillip Peterson, director, CIDMTR, and Ramaiah Muthyala, associate director, Center for Orphan Drug Research, College of Pharmacy of University of Minnesota, said that they were particularly impressed with the shared mission and vision of their centres and Suven.

The vision is to translate discoveries into inexpensive therapies available to the masses for treatment and prevention of life threatening diseases like HIV and AIDS.

Suven is a collaborative research partner since 2006 in drug discovery for global pharmaceutical majors. It is a pioneer in contract research and manufacturing services since 1995 and drug discovery development support services since 2005.


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