by Rajashri on  September 27, 2009 at 3:51 PM Lifestyle News
 Survey Says 6 Out of 10 Brit Women Say Shopping Gives Them a Buzz
A new survey has found that six out of 10 British women have confessed that shopping gives them a buzz - even if it just meant buying bread or milk.

According to a poll of 5,347 women, over half of the entire female population shop because it gives them a high and a third can't help spending money - even when they can't afford it.

Four in 10 said they tried not to visit the high street when the sales were on as they were unable to resist a bargain, reports The Daily Express.

Joanna Leah, general manager at Ipswich Building Society, which conducted the poll, said: "It's worrying that four in 10 admit they often spend beyond their means."

The poll revealed that every week the average shopaholic will spend money they don't actually have on a fast food lunch, chocolate, beauty products, nice shampoo, make up and accessories.

Source: ANI

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