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 Survey Reveals the Characteristics of a Typical Oz Online Social Networker
Survey reveals the characteristics of a typical Aussie online social networker who is mostly single, loves to watch Little Britain and can easily plug a leaky tap.

The survey of more than 1.5million Australians breaks results down into three demographics - Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers.

But all three age groups share some remarkable characteristics.

Plumbers are some of the most avid social networkers across all three age groups, while UK's Little Britain is the No. 1 show across all ages, it has emerged.

Singles are more likely to have a MySpace profile, with 70 per cent of Gen Ys, 62 per cent of Gen Xers and 66 per cent of Baby Boomers listing themselves as available.

It was seen that Baby Boomers link up with more online friends than the younger Gen Xers.

According to Dr Kirsty Young, online social networking expert and senior lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, it made sense that more Baby Boomers were embracing the technology.

"They are at a point in life where many have time available to explore new technologies and they see the value of these tools in maintaining contact with family while they travel or if separated by distance," The Courier Mail, quoted her, as saying.

Dr Young also dispelled the myth that social networking online would be the ruin of face-to-face relationships, saying: "It has been found to enhance social interaction between those with already strong ties through shared experiences represented in wall postings, status updates and photographs.

"Between those with weak ties, like people you meet travelling or friends of friends, you are expanding your social network beyond what was previously possible."

Source: ANI

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