by Kathy Jones on  June 8, 2014 at 8:19 PM Lifestyle News
 Survey Reveals Other People’s Misfortunes Trigger Laughter in People
A new survey conducted by The Glee Club has confirmed what has been suspected all along, other people's misfortune acts as a big belly tickler for people.

Mark Tughan, owner of the comedy venues, said that comedians, who try to make people laugh with tricks in books, don't really know that it's the everyday small bad lucks such as toppling over, being a victim to bird poo, or walking into a lamp post, that tickles their bellies, Daily Express reported.

While bantering at workplace, YouTube videos, and TV bloopers were said to be the top triggers for a laugh, the survey also found that everyone laughs around 16 times a day, with almost 60 per cent admitting to chuckle at an inappropriate moment, such as a funeral.

Source: ANI

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