Survey Indicates Many Women 'Do Not Check Breasts for Cancer Signs'

 Survey Indicates Many Women
Around 35 percent of women regularly check their breasts for signs of cancer, while 23 percent seldom or never do, a new survey has found.
To reach the conclusion, the charity Breathrough Breast Cancer reviewed 2,005 women aged between 18 and 64.

The study found that over a third, i.e. 37 percent, who reported not checking their breasts regularly said they did not know how to check - or what to look out for.

A campaign is being launched by Breakthrough to encourage more women to check their breasts regularly for changes, and to report anything suspicious to their doctor.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer offers the best chance of successful treatment.

"We know that the earlier breast cancer is diagnosed the more likely it is that treatment will be successful. Checking your breasts isn't complicated and there's no need to follow a fancy routine," BBC quoted Dr Sarah Cant, from Breakthrough, as saying.

"Just be familiar with how they look and feel normally," she added.

The survey also revealed widespread confusion over what signs to look out for when examining the breasts.


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