by Tanya Thomas on  August 28, 2009 at 5:40 PM Lifestyle News
 Survey Finds Kiwi Women Most Assertive
The most assertive women in the world are - the Kiwis!

A study conducted by the national Families Commission has found that New Zealand women are among the most jealous and possessive in the world.

One in seven Kiwi men says that his girl gets angry whenever she spots him speaking to other women. Nine out of ten women have the same issues with their men.

The research suggests that Kiwi women are also more likely to dominate the personal lives of their partners, and bar them from seeing friends and relatives.

According to the study, men might not control the lives of their partners, but women would want to lead them "in a controlling or frightening way".

The findings show that Kiwi women are more possessive than Canadian and British women, who are more likely than men to feel controlled.

"Assertiveness is a great thing and if women in New Zealand are learning to practice it more readily to be strong in relationships then that's great," the Courier Mail quoted Kiwi relationship expert Janice Davies as saying.

She pointed out that a recent Oxford University study found Kiwi men to be the laziest in the world, and hence the assertiveness of the country's women was quite natural.

"When that is the climate then it's no wonder that women need to work extra hard to assert what they want and what is good for them," said Davies.

Source: ANI

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