by Kathy Jones on  July 27, 2010 at 9:42 PM General Health News
 Survey Finds 6 Out of 10 Dogs in UK are Obese
A new study has found that pets these days are becoming fatter and less healthier in the UK.

The study from Glasgow University found that six out of 10 adult dogs are classified as overweight or obese - a result of lack of exercise, being fed on table scraps, and being given too many snacks or treats.

Dogs were also more likely to be overweight if their owners were elderly or poorer - or, say the researchers, if the owners were themselves obese.

The results showed that only 35 per cent of the animals were classed as having the ideal body shape, reports The Telegraph.

In total, 59 per cent were judged to be too heavy, including 20 per cent that were clinically obese and 39 per cent that were merely overweight.

Only one in 20 dogs was underweight.

Feeding table scraps was associated with obesity, while those that received snacks and treats were significantly more likely to be overweight.

Owner income was also linked to risk, with pets of poorer people more likely to be overweight.

The results are published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice.

Source: ANI

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