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 Surgeons Successfully Reconstruct Cancer Patient's Breast With Pigskin
In a groundbreaking surgery, UK doctors have successfully reconstructed a cancer patient's breast with pigskin.

Traditionally, a breast reconstruction has involved using tissue from another part of the patient's body. But that practice is painful and leaves multiple scars.

This new surgery could provide hope for the thousands of women diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

Cancer victim Claire Barrell, from Ripley, Surrey, is one of just a handful of women across the world and only the second in the UK to have had the state-of-the-art surgery, which costs the NHS around 35,000 pounds.

She had the surgery at the Royal Surrey Hospital in July last year.

"Doctors thought I was an ideal candidate because I am young and active. If your body is not in good condition it will reject the pig skin," the Sun quoted Claire as saying.

"I was told that pigs' tissue takes easily to the human body and would feel completely natural - and it does.

"Apart from one breast being a tiny bit tougher than the other, you really can't tell the difference. When I have a bra on, both cups are full - they've done an amazing job," she added.

Source: ANI

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