by Kathy Jones on  November 4, 2013 at 9:23 PM Lifestyle News
 Superstitions Could be a Way of People Trying to Control Future
Superstitions could be a way of people attempting to control or influence their future, a psychology professor from the United States has said.

Don Saucier, associate professor of psychology, Kansas State University, said superstitious behaviors are a way people think they can control their fate by performing certain tasks in a certain way to either help alleviate anxiety or to simply better their chances in a certain situation.

He said that people believe in superstitions to try to restore some prediction and control to their world.

Saucier asserted that not knowing what will happen to them is discomforting, and performing superstitious behavior can make people feel a little better about the future.

Saucier said that theoretically, any behavior could be a superstition if a person associates that behavior incorrectly with a positive or negative event that follows.

Source: ANI

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