by Tanya Thomas on  March 13, 2011 at 7:44 AM Lifestyle News
 Supermarket Carts Carry More Germs Than Public Bathrooms
A new study has suggested that supermarket carts are often more toxic than public bathrooms.

Researchers from the University of Arizona stated that supermarket carts are more like disease-incubating Petri dishes on wheels, reports the New York Daily News.

They said that 72 percent of the carts they tested came back positive for fecal bacteria.

Even more alarming, half of the 85 carts tested carried potentially deadly E. coli bacteria.

"That's worse than you might find in a public bathroom. I would suggest that people think twice before plopping their babies in these things," said lead researcher Charles Gerba.

The toxic mess comes primarily from people placing packages of raw meat and chicken in their carts, said Gerba.

It also comes from "poopy-diapered babies' bottoms," being dropped into the carts' baskets.

The study also found that reusable shopping bags are vulnerable to nasty germs unless frequently washed.

Source: ANI

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