Sunlight may Offer Protection Against ADHD

by Savitha C Muppala on Oct 25 2013 11:25 PM

 Sunlight may Offer Protection Against ADHD
Residing in a sunny place lowers the risk of a child developing ADHD, according to recent research.
Children who reside in sunny areas carry a reduced risk of suffering from ADHD, according to a recent insight by Dutch researchers.

Researchers made an analysis of U.S States using maps and made a co-relation between ADHD prevalence and the extent of sunlight in those areas.

The research took into consideration other factors associated with ADHD and still found a connection between solar intensity and the number of children suffering from the condition. The finding showed that areas with more sunlight portrayed lower rates of ADHD.

Though researchers could not prove with a cause and effect reasoning, they were of the opinion that more sunlight helped regulate people's biological clocks.

Earlier research had also shown that treatments for sleeping disorders which used light therapy to restore the body's normal circadian rhythms did help in improving symptoms of ADHD.

Parents and schools should work towards helping children get maximum sun exposure by scheduling playtime outdoors.