by Tanya Thomas on  August 24, 2010 at 10:53 AM Diet & Nutrition News
 Summer Means High-calorie Waistline-Busting Diet for Brits
Come summer season and it's a jolly good time for Brits - eventhough their waistlines may complain a wee bit. The season has arrived for consuming a diet of 56 sausages, 54 burgers and 36 ice creams, a new UK research showed.

80 cans of beer and 57 glasses of wine, plus 59 bar snacks, such as pork pies and Scotch eggs, and 73 bags of crisps added to the gut-busting diet.

According to The Mirror, Britons blame the weather for their eating overdrive. 22percent said that their exercise routine went out of the window as soon as it got hot.

Others blamed the WC, because it led to them eating and drinking more than usual.

Asked how often they went to a barbecue this summer, 37percent said one per week, 15 percent said two a week and 9 percent said 10 or more per week.

More than a third of people ate two or more burgers every time they went to a barbecue, while more than half had one or more hot dogs.

TV presenter Dr Christian Jessen said, "It seems that the hot weather has led to a more relaxed view towards exercising and our diet. We all like to indulge from time to time but it can sometimes get out of control."

Source: ANI

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