“Suicidal” Winehouse Certain She’s Destined to Early Death

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 11 2007 4:37 PM

Singer Amy Winehouse has reportedly expressed fears over her suicidal nature.

According to reports, the ‘Rehab’ singer has told her mom Janis that she is often suicidal and is certain that she is destined to die early.

“Amy has told her mum she is often suicidal and she knows she will die young,” The Sun quoted a friend of the singer, as saying.

Other developments have revealed that Amy’s recent hospital emergency visit was not due to “severe exhaustion,” but a huge drug and booze overdose.

Sources say that even after suffering so much and being desperately ill, the singer is refusing to enter rehab, and instead has locked herself up at Four Seasons Hotel in Hook, Hants, ever since she was released from hospital where she was treated for the overdose.

“Amy is determined that she will not go to rehab. She has no idea how close she came to dying. She has barely eaten anything and keeps being sick. She is in an incredibly fragile state, both physically and mentally,” the friend said.

The friend also denied that Amy had checked into The Priory rehab clinic, as claimed by newspaper reports.

“That’s total rubbish. It’s what her family desperately want her to do but she won’t listen. The family went along with the record company when they first claimed she was suffering from exhaustion,” the friend said.

“But Amy is a lot more than exhausted — she needs help and she needs it fast,” the friend added.