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 Suicidal Thoughts Likely In Older Drug Addicts
A new Scottish study suggests that older generation of drug addicts is prone to suicidal thoughts.

The suicide rate in Scotland among drug addicts above the age of 35 is apparently more than what records claim.

The Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) insisted that there is an increase in suicide cases among the older addicts, who are also referred to as the Trainspotting generation from the film starring Ewan McGregor.

The conclusion was reached after assessing surveys of more than 70 drug users and professionals involved in their care.

Seemingly, the combination of past experiences and future barriers push them towards drugs.

The previous records state that almost half of last year's 574 drug deaths were among over 35s.

Also, out of 55,000 chaotic drug users 15,000 or more than 25 percent, are supposedly over 35.

"We estimate there are about 15,000 older drug users in Scotland, making up about 27 percent of the 55,000 people with a drug problem in Scotland," BBC News quoted SDF director David Liddell, as saying.

He added: "Yet older drug users aged 35 and over made up 44 percent (or 162) of the 370 people whose deaths in 2008 were drugs-related and who were known to have a drug problem.

"We also know that long term trends are showing that older drugs users are becoming bigger in percentage terms among the numbers of problem drug users. The percentage of older drug users dying a drug-related death is also increasing steadily.

"What is becoming clear is that older drug users can be badly affected by a range of issues affecting their outlook on life and thus their will to live."

Source: ANI

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