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 Sugar Helps To Heal Wounds Faster Than Antibiotics
Intake of too much of sugar may be bad for health, but granulated sugar when poured directly on wounds can help in healing faster than antibiotics, finds a new study.

New research shows folk medicine from Africa may hold the key to treating wounds that defy modern medicine.

According to the study, sugar draws water from the wound into a dressing accelerating the healing process, the Daily Mail reported.

The study is headed by Moses Murandu, a senior lecturer in adult nursing at Wolverhampton University, who grew up in Zimbabwe where his father used sugar to heal wounds and reduce pain when he was a child.

Sugar draws water from the wound into a dressing - bacteria needs water to survive - which allows accelerates the healing process, or kick starts it where progress has stalled.

When Murandu moved to the UK he realized that sugar was not recognized as a traditional medicine that had something to offer.

One of the patients receiving treatment as part of the research is Alan Bayliss, from Birmingham, who was being treated at Moseley Hall Hospital's amputee rehabilitation ward.

He underwent an above the knee amputation on his right leg due to an ulcer at the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital Birmingham in January 2013, and as part of the surgery a vein was removed from his left leg.

For his post-surgery rehabilitation, Bayliss was moved to Moseley Hall Hospital where standard dressings were used but the left leg cavity wound was not healing effectively.

Nurses contacted Murandu and Bayliss was given the sugar treatment and within two weeks the wound had drastically reduced in size.

So far 35 patients receiving treatment have seen their condition improve, with no adverse effects reported.

Source: ANI

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