by Rajshri on  March 2, 2010 at 9:47 PM Alcohol & Drug Abuse News
 Study Says Peer Pressure may Not Influence Binge Drinking
A new poll has found that despite popular perception, peer pressure may not influence binge drinking. Experts say that peer pressure is just used as an excuse and does not play any role in drinking behavior.

"There is sometimes a certain amount of cajoling that goes on between friends on a night out to have an extra tipple, but people need to realize this is usually all in good jest, as this research backs up," said Health and Wellbeing expert Liz Tucker. "In reality, nobody really minds when a friend calls it a night if they feel they've had enough, or when our partner doesn't fancy sharing a bottle at home - and we should all feel confident enough to say so."

A YouGov poll involving 2,000 adults in the UK found that 22 percent of them drank more in the company of friends, while just 2% admitted to influencing friends to drink more. 39% said they needed an excuse to cover up excessive drinking.

Public Health Minister Gillian Merron said binge drinking was a health hazard and that people should refrain from doing so.

Source: Medindia

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