by Rajashri on  August 28, 2008 at 5:55 PM Drug News
 Drug Option to Chemically Castrate Perverts With Vile Urges: Study
Sex perverts can curb their abnormal sexual urges by choosing to be chemically castrated with drugs, a new study has said.

The drugs, according to Newcastle-based criminal psychiatrist Professor Don Grubin, are part of a trail scheme for perverts who have served their sentences but have not been cured of their urges.

"It is not part of the punishment. It aims to reduce the likelihood that they will need to be punished again," the Sun quoted Grubin as saying.

He, however, insisted that the treatment was a voluntary option, and no one would be forced to take it.

As per the tests that have been conducted abroad, the drugs work by reducing the perverts' testosterone levels and sex drives, cutting re-offending rates.

For leading anti-paedophile campaigners, the scheme is a very welcomed option.

"Anything which makes our children safer is a step in the right direction," Claude Knights of Kidscape as saying.

The most commonly used drugs include Depo Provera and Tamoxifen, and the process works by blocking brain hormones that trigger sexual urges.

Source: ANI

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