Study Reveals Older Men and Women are Fitter Than 25-year-olds

by Rajashri on Jul 31 2009 11:12 PM

Researchers working for nutrition firm Herbalife have found that 50-year-olds are fitter than 25-year-olds. In a survey of 4,000 Britons, the researchers found that an average 25-year-old person consumed 2,300 calories a day and exercised only three times a week, while an average 50-year-old consumed just 1,990 calories and did at least four forms of exercise per week.

"The results will surprise most as it's natural to think that the younger you are, the fitter you are," said Herbalife spokesman Neil Spiers. "But it's great to think the older generation is showing youngsters the way when it comes to healthier living."

The study also found that most 25-year-olds gave not having time as the reason for not exercising. They also ate 12 types of junk food a month as compared to just one type in a week for the older respondents.