by Rukmani Krishna on  October 16, 2012 at 11:43 PM Lifestyle News
 Study: More Than 50pc Brits Check Work Emails on Holidays for Fear of Losing Job
A new study has revealed that about 51 per cent of people in Britain check work emails every day while on holiday and as many as 38 per cent call the office because of fear of losing job in the recession.

According to the study, a third surveyed said that working on holiday had made the break less enjoyable, while 15 per cent said it had caused an argument with their partner, the Daily Mail reported.

Work addiction, or the inability to switch off and leave work at the office when they hit the beach, is caused by increased job insecurity, and enabled by technologies such as mobile internet access on phones and laptops abroad, it said.

Earlier studies have found that spending too long in the workplace- over 8 hours a day- resulted in up to 80 percent greater chance of heart disease.

Further it is understood that long working hours also increased the risk of dementia later in life. The effect was similar in magnitude to that of smoking, the study, conducted by travel website TripAdvisor, noted.

Source: ANI

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