Student Harassment On The Rise

Student Harassment On The Rise
The horrific incident of a six-year-old girl being made to strip for not doing her homework is having far reaching consequences.
The Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has announced that her government is planning to set up a panel with the specific mandate to check and take action against all complaints related to corporal punishment.

“I have called a meeting with the chief secretary and the education secretary on Monday to discuss the broader contours of the action panel. Modalities will have to be decided, but one thing is certain is that we will not tolerate such incidents,” said Dikshit while condemning the incident, which occurred at a private Delhi school.

While the government has ordered a probe, a senior education department official was reported that initial investigations revealed the state government did not recognize the school in question.

The teacher Neha, 19 of Sun Shine Public School in Uttam Nagar area of west Delhi was arrested on Saturday. The arrest was made after the girl's father Gopal, who runs a catering business, reported the matter to police. In his complaint, Gopal told police that on Friday Neha asked his daughter, a nursery student, to stand on the class bench and forced her to strip in front of the entire class for not doing school homework. Neha’s parents came to know of the incident only on Saturday morning after she refused to go to school.

Incidents of corporal punishment and student maltreatment are not uncommon. Some time back in Delhi a 27-year-old primary school teacher Ram Rattan, was arrested Tuesday after six girls of Class 5 alleged that he had molested them inside a classroom. He had been appointed just two months ago. This lead to a decision by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), to remove all male teachers from the capital’s 512 girls’ school.

In another incident, the principal of a school in Andhra Pradesh; the Good Shepherd International High School gave electric shocks to a 10-year-old student. The shocking fact came to light after Shirisha, a class III student, and her parents dared to lodge a complaint with the police. Shirisha, who had scars on her hands and feet, stopped attending the school a few days ago. When her parents asked why, she told them that the principal was giving her electric shocks. During the investigation, police found that unable to bear the harsh punishment, a few students had actually run away from the Good Shepherd International High School.



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