Stressed Japanese Workers Take to Intravenous Drip to Beat Depression

by VR Sreeraman on Oct 5 2008 11:57 AM

A clinic in Tokyo is attracting more and more weary workers who arrive here for an intravenous drip that provides an instant pick-me-up.

Tenteki10 clinics are said to be more akin to a bar.

Workers arrive here during their lunch breaks or at the end of another stressful day to get a boost in the form of an intravenous drip.

The drips take 10 minutes to administer, while stressed-out employees watch a flat-screen TV or make small talk with each other.

"People are not getting enough sleep, they are working late and they are under increasing pressure in the office that is leading to rising rates of depression," the Telegraph quoted Dr. Ryuji Yasumura, head of the Tenteki10 clinic in Tokyo's Ebisu district, as saying.

"The stress and pressures are building up. In the past, people may have felt better after a massage or vitamin supplements, but that is not working any more. These IV drips will make people feel better immediately and help to prevent disease before it happens," he added.

The problem of overwork in Japan has been around for many years, as men and women are required to put their companies ahead of all else in their lives.

The newspaper report suggests that Japanese employees work about 60 hours a week. Furthermore, the average Japanese worker takes eight paid holidays every year, compared to 34 holidays taken by the French.

"I come here two or three times a week and take the basic course, which costs just Y2,000 (Pounds10.70)," said Michito Seno, a senior executive with a Japanese securities company.

"I have tried other types of vitamins and supplements, but none of them seem to be as effective as a drip. It really does have an immediate impact.

"I suffer from very a very stiff neck and shoulders, which I guess is an occupational hazard for traders. In fact, considering the way the markets have been plummeting recently, I should probably be dropping by more frequently," he added.

The clinic, which began its service in April, presently attracts around 50 people every day.

The basic course offers a drip of 50cc of glucose solution with vitamins.

The clinic also offers a "Comprehensive Beauty Care" package that incorporates collagen, the fatigue recovery version and energizing or detoxification treatments.

Dr Yasumura says that the benefits are most visible in the 24 hours after the drip is administered.

He hopes to set up other clinics in the busiest districts of other Japanese cities.