by Julia Samuel on  January 3, 2018 at 3:35 PM Research News
Stress Gene NR4A1 Regulates Synapses in the Brain
Energy output and synapse number of prefrontal cortex neurons were identified to be increased by a gene, finds a study.

The results were validated in brain tissue of deceased patients with Alzheimer's disease and depression, two disorders are known to be aggravated by stress.

Margarita Arango-Lievano, Freddy Jeanneteau and colleagues found that the gene NR4A1 is involved in regulating mitochondria, the cellular powerhouse, of PFC neurons in response to stress. This may help conserve the cells' energy in the context of immediate stress when demand is high.

However, excessive activity of this gene during chronic stress may interfere with the normal functioning of circuits between the PFC and the rest of the brain through its impact on the connectivity of individual cells.

The researchers show that altering the expression of NR4A1 in animals exposed to chronic stressors protects PFC cells from synaptic loss. This gene may, therefore, represent a target to explore in future studies of stress-related disorders.

Source: Eurekalert

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