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Strange British Couples have sex anywhere they feel!
When overwhelmed with desire, British couples don't care about the place they end up romping in.

A new study has revealed the weirdest of places where lovers have been caught getting frisky, which include canal path, police station and even a church, reports The Sun.

Here are some of the very unlikely places that couples have been spotted making it out

Canal Path -Scots Gareth Black and Clair Muir were caught sharing a moment of passion in broad daylight by policeman on the bank of Falkirk's Union Canal. It was the locals who called the police after spotting them from their windows.

Church- When Italian cops were called at a church in the northern city of Cesena, they didn't know what kind of worshipping they'll encounter- a 31-year-old labourer - and his 32-year-old female teacher partner were having oral sex inside for an hour.

On CCTV- A worker at Newcastle's Rural Payments Agency was fired after a CCTV camera caught him having sex with a colleague in the office toilets and running around their desks naked.

War Memorial- A French couple received a four-month suspended jail term after getting caught making a porno at a World War I memorial.

Police Station- Cops found a tipsy American couple- Dennis Cullen and a lady friend-making love in a vehicle in the car park of a police station.

Tram Stop-When a British couple was getting bored waiting for their tram, they got a rather raunchy idea-the 29-year-old woman and her 17-year-old toyboy got naked and started having sex in the street. Cops came after a CCTV camera in Croydon, South London alerted them about the cheeky happenings. Rane-Construction worker Justin Dunn was accused of having sexual relations in a crane by cops who were called to the scene. However, when the 23-year-old came down with his 35-year-old partner, they denied of doing anything naughty in the air.

Source: ANI

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