Stomach Surgery Has Potentially Saved Brit Man’s Life

by Kathy Jones on Sep 14 2013 8:40 PM

 Stomach Surgery Has Potentially Saved Brit Man’s Life
A 33-year old father of two from Elvington, York, underwent a surgery to remove his stomach after he was told that he had an 80 percent chance of being diagnosed with an aggressive form of stomach cancer later in his life.
Dan Taylor revealed that stomach cancer had already claimed the lives of two of his cousins and doctors revealed that he too carried the rare cancer-causing gene, E-cadherin. Taylor, who is a father of two daughters, decided to go through a six-hour surgery at the York Hospital to remove his stomach and said that his decision was justified after doctors revealed that he did have the early stages of stomach cancer.

Taylor said that he will be taking part in World’s Biggest Coffee Morning events that will be conducted later this month in order to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support

“I have two adorable children and want to see them grow up. To go ahead with an operation of that magnitude is a personal choice. One of the great things is the risk has gone and it’s never coming back. When I talk to people about it they say it’s really unlucky to have that gene but I feel incredibly fortunate I found out about it and had this treatment before I had to go through something much worse. Rather than a negative thing, I think it’s quite a positive”, he said.