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 STFree Card: The Official License for Safe Sex
A new license is revolutionizing people's sex lives these days - it's called STFree card.

Manhattan-based company STFree Certifications provides its health-conscious customers a sexual history "license" with a phone number on the back that enables them to prove their testing backgrounds to potential partners.

More than 15,000 people nationwide have signed up for the STFree service, launched in 2004 by Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, native Eli Dancy.

Dancy, a former club promoter, said he saw "a lot of irresponsibility" in his neighborhood and created the STFree card to help raise awareness.

"In places like where I grew up and where I worked, there are incredibly high HIV and STD rates," the New York Daily News quoted Dancy, as saying.

"This card opens up the conversation for people to talk about it," Dancy added.

At registration, which can be completed online or inside an STFree van that travels citywide, program subscribers must provide a detailed sexual profile and be tested.

To access the testing history of an STFree cardholder, partners must have access to the phone number located on the back of the card as well as to a PIN number provided only to the STFree member.

STFree members pay a one-time 19.99dollars fee for the service - which Dancy said will allow more people to join.

Source: ANI

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