Stay-at-home Mums Are the Latest Breed of Netrepreneurs

by Kathy Jones on Jul 26 2010 9:17 PM

 Stay-at-home Mums Are the Latest Breed of Netrepreneurs
It has emerged that home staying mums are fast emerging as the new breed of netrepreneurs.
Be it simple solutions to questions such as how to get a toddler to sleep or strapping babies into prams, mummy bloggers have never been more powerful as they mint good money from the comfort of the couch.

Networking mums are helping to formulate government policy, determine which TV shows become a hit, and of course which baby products are worth shelling out for.

They're actively Facebooking, Tweeting and commenting on blog posts from their laptops, iPhones and BlackBerrys.

In the UK, the online forum Mumsnet is so powerful in terms of influencing government policy the British press dubbed the May polls the "Mumsnet election".

Alex Brooks, executive editor of, one of Australia's leading parenting forums, calls the site a "virtual" mothers' group.

"People come for all the same reasons they used to go to an offline mothers' group, but they find that online really suits their situation. It means you've got access to advice at any time," The Daily Telegraph quoted her, as saying.

The option of remaining anonymous on the web makes it easier for women to get more honest, believes Brooks.

She said: "They don't know you personally - you can talk about things like depression."


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