by VR Sreeraman on  October 14, 2009 at 1:44 PM Lifestyle News
 Stage Hypnotist Claims to Boost Women's Boob Size!
Stage hypnotist David Knight claims that he can make women's boobs bigger.

The hypnotherapist, of North Allerton, North Yorks, says all women need to do to get bigger breasts is to listen to his CD and he is so confident that he offers a money-back guarantee.

In the CD, he tells listeners: "Your breasts are growing... growing larger now."

He claims an 85 per cent success rate - with almost half those who try it going up by one or more cup sizes.

Knight claims his words can help induce women to firm up boobs and correct lopsidedness.

"Every lady's breasts have been grown by the mind, the mind grows it, so the mind can enhance it. Fact," the Sun quoted Knight as saying.

However, his claims and CD have been rubbished on a BBC show about how easy it is to register as a hypnotherapist.

Knight said: "They could've tried it before saying it categorically didn't work."

Source: ANI

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