by Sushma Rao on  August 11, 2014 at 5:51 PM Medical Gadgets
Sproutling: Your Baby's Fitbit To Monitor Upto 16 Conditions
The Sproutling monitor, is considered to be the latest and probably the first big wearable for babies that collects more data than its competitors, learns from the baby's past behaviour, and displays it in a less stress-inducing manner.

Sproutling's CEO Chris Bruce, explains that the device, "is all set to make first time parents feel like second time parents."

According to Gizmag, a portal that covers a full spectrum of new and emerging technologies, invention, innovation, and science news, parents can now be a little more relaxed with the arrival of Sproutling to the market. The device is essentially strapped around the baby's ankle, and tracks upto 16 different conditions that include body temperature, heart rate, baby's motion, humidity levels, and also lighting and sound conditions of the room. With regular usage of Sproutling, based on the baby's behavioural patterns, the device can also monitor the baby's sleep patterns and moods - if the baby is going to be fussy or happy.

The Sproutling monitor is carefully designed to fit the young and tender skin, which is prone to rashes, accumulation of fluids and other sensitive skin related problems. The disposable strap is made of a soft, breathable, washable material made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone; which is both very delicate and replaceable.

The unique clasp on the Sproutling, is designed in a way not to clinch too tightly nor would the baby be able to kick it off easily. Along with the Sproutling comes a dish that wirelessly recharges the device.

Parents who download the mobile app have access to data that is collated into useable observations and push notifications sent via Wi-Fi connections. Co-founder Mathew Spolin, re-iterates, "It doesn't overwhelm parents with the abundant information it's gathering—it only tells them if there's really a problem. For a new parent, they're not going to know if 130 beats per minute is better than 90, and without the context to really interpret vitals data, it's just going to create more anxiety and more fear." Sproutling is reportedly one gizmo that promises to keep parents calm and reduce the stress of parenting.

The Sproutling has been launched with its pre-order price of $249 and will later be priced at $299.

Source: Medindia

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