Sports Supplement may Contain Never Before Tested ‘Meth-Like’ Ingredient

by Kathy Jones on Oct 17 2013 7:38 PM

 Sports Supplement may Contain Never Before Tested ‘Meth-Like’ Ingredient
Researchers led by Harvard Medical School’s Pieter Cohen revealed that a popular dietary supplement known as Carze may contain a meth-like party drug which has not been tested in humans.
Cohen added that the health risk of using supplements adulterated with a drug should not be underestimated.

Researchers have looked into the Craze supplement, which is marketed by Driven Sports, Inc., after it was flagged in several failed drug tests.

Cohen teamed up with the independent testing global health organization NSF International to analyze the supplement's contents.

Their study found that a substance called N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine (N,a-DEPEA) which has been termed structurally similar to methamphetamine by scientists, was present in the supplement.

According to the analysis, the stimulant is less potent than methamphetamine, but more potent than stimulant called 'ephedra,' which has been banned by the Food and Drug Administration after been linked to heart attacks.

The researchers have also found the meth-like compound in a weight loss supplement called Detonate, which is marketed by Gaspari Nutrition.

The study has been published in the Drug Testing and Analysis journal.