by Aruna on  October 23, 2009 at 9:50 AM Women Health News
‘Splash Of Wine’ To Ease Stress Can Create Health ‘Timebomb’ For Women
A UK expert says that a splash of wine at the end of a tough day to ease the stress of daily living could create a health 'timebomb' for women.

According to Prof Ian Gilmore, president of the UK Royal College of Physicians, females who regularly drink wine to wind down as they juggle career and family risk liver disease and becoming alcohol dependent, reports The Couriermail.

"Women in their role as mother or carer use alcohol to cope with exhaustion, anxiety, isolation and with stressful life events," Prof Gilmore said.

"Alcohol is a sedative and a relaxant but used on a regular basis can really put people at high risk. Women are storing up a health timebomb by drinking this regularly.

"My fear is that such women are at risk of developing liver disease or becoming alcohol dependent," the expert added.

A survey found half of all British mothers drank at home at least three or four nights a week.

Source: ANI

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