Speedy Walking Linked to Longevity

by Kathy Jones on Dec 17 2011 10:01 PM

 Speedy Walking Linked to Longevity
Elderly people over the age of 70 years can live longer if they go for walks at speeds of more than 5 kms per hour, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the Concord Hospital in Sydney.
The study was part of the Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project (CHAMP) and the researchers analyzed the walking patterns of more than 1,700 men over the age of 70 years.

The participants were a mix of nationalities with around half coming from Australia while over 20 percent were Italians. Other nationalities participating in the study included those from Britain, China and Greece.

Around 266 deaths occurred during the study period and the researchers found that those who walked with an average speed of at least 5 kmph had died. The researchers said that the reason for fast walkers living longer could simply mean that they were healthier in the first place but joked in their report, published in the British Medical Journal, that the fast walkers were able to outrun the Grim Reaper.